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Terms & Conditions and

Legal Information

Terms & Conditions and Legal Information

Welcome to Health Heroes NZ

As a visitor to our clinic appointments or this website you indicate agreement to the following terms and conditions:

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We all know Terms & Conditions are really boring. These are no exception. We fell asleep two times while we wrote them! BUT – we need them so that there is no misunderstanding.


To help us provide the best possible service to you and as a courtesy to our therapists, we have developed and apply the following terms and conditions. By booking a massage or a health treatment you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Disclaimer & General Terms

    • Full disclosure of your medical history, information and health is essential to the safe administration of massage therapy.
    • As the client, you agree that all medical information provided to Health Heroes NZ Limited is both accurate and correct and acknowledge and agree that it shall be the client’s full responsibility to disclose such information or any change to it.
    • Health Heroes NZ Limited cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur arising from failure by the client to disclose their medical or physical condition.

Health and Safety

Please do not attend your appointment while knowingly carrying a communicable disease of any kind (for example COVID-19)


In the event of a booking cancellation, the following administration fee schedule will apply:
Treatments, Personal Coaching, One-to-One Appointments:
      • A cancellation fee may be charged if your booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. This is to compensate the Therapist for time lost that could have otherwise been filled with another client.
      • We can’t keep your appointment for any longer than 15 minutes. Your appointment will be canceled and you will be responsible for the full amount of the booked Therapy.
      • We reserve the right to charge full price for no show appointments.
Workshops & Webinars
      • Cancellation 15 days or more prior to the start date = full refund
      • Cancellation 8-14 days prior to the start date = 25% refund
      • Cancellation 7 days or less prior to the start date = no refunds

Client’s Behaviour

    • Health Heroes NZ Limited Massage Therapy or it’s contracted Massage Therapists require the client to wear the appropriate under garments throughout the duration of the massage therapy treatment session.
    • Health Heroes NZ Limited abide by the MNZ code of ethics and also NZQA massage therapy standards in massage transference, between client and massage therapist. Inappropriate behaviour, comments or suggestions will result in immediate termination of your session, payment will be collected in full and any future appointments will be denied. Also your name will be forwarded to MNZ and NZ Police for blacklisting.

Privacy Policy

    • In these times it’s crucial to respect others’ privacy and space. Especially when it comes to private data about your physical and mental health. How we respect and protect our clients’ fundamental online privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy
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