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Start your journey of health

New Zealand Health Coach and Holistic Therapist

Start your journey of health

New Zealand Health Coach and Holistic Therapist

Meet Health Heroes NZ

Health Heroes NZ is all about your health – physically and mentally.

Make your life healthier by adding new ways to boost your body, mind and soul with professional massage, nutritional advice, stress management, and personalized fine-tuned coaching. 

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Yvonne Gitt – New Zealand Health Coach

wants you to live your best life possible, with the best health, ease and joy. To achieve this, we focus on core competencies:


A life full of health and healing happy customers

After running her own clinic for Osteopathy and Naturopathy successfully for more than 8 years in Hamburg/Germany, Yvonne moved to New Zealand in 2018. She loves using her incredible pack of skills (please refer below) and designed a holistic and sustainable healing concept called “Fusion Health” as an healing method to support physical and mental health. It’s good to know how body, mind and soul are working hand in hand to support each other and that it’s all about the balance.

  • Since she left Auckland and moved to the beauty of Snells Beach in 04/23 she is a part-time team member at Warkworth Natural Therapies as a highly professional therapeutic massage therapist and is offering all her skills from Snells Beach as well.
  • Yvonne is still a part-time member of the reputable Team at Peace & Performance Albany with Graeme Saxby – BSc(Hons) – DO, who has taught on the Masters of Osteopathy programme as a lecture for 10 years and Clive Standon -DO MA, who has variously been Head of the Department of Osteopathy, Associate Professor, and Chair of the International Osteopathic Alliance.
  • In addition to her great amount of experiences and skills she was also a team member at Happipuncture Clinic Auckland North Shore (2021 to 03/2023) where she added Dry Needling and Cupping to her portfolio of qualifications. During her years in Auckland Yvonne also visited Retirement Villages to offer her health skills to the elderly.
  • Yvonne is always looking for improvements especially when it comes to coaching e.g. Weight-Loss, Stress-Management, Detox, holistic and sustainable healing methods. She loves travelling with her husband to see something new and picking up inter-cultural health skills. That’s why Yvonne is advising Great Days New Zealand Tours in regards of their Health Tours for international visitors.

As you can see, if you are looking for a qualified and open-minded Therapist and Health Coach, you are in the best hands you can get!

Diplomas & Certificates

  • Reiki Master 2023
  • Dorn/Breuss Spinal Therapy (Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy/Germany) 2017
  • Craniosacral Osteopathy (Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy/Germany) 2013
  • Parietale Osteopathy (Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy/Germany) 2013
  • Viscerale Osteopathy (Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy/Germany) 2013
  • Dr. Weickert-Schwiertz Hamburg for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Team member part-time 2013-2017
  • Diploma in Osteopathy (n.r.i.NZ) (Hamburg Academy for Naturopathy/Germany) 2010
Additional Qualifications:

  • Accredited Holistic Health Coach 2022
  • Accredited Life Coach 2022
  • Accredited Wellness Coach 2022
  • Breath Work 2021
  • Cupping & Dry Needling 2021
  • Myofascial Release 2018
  • Trigger Point Therapy 2017
  • Sports Massage Hamburg Triathlon
  • Kinesiology Taping 2013

Health Heroes NZ created a holistic health optimization concept now active on many happy recovered customers. Make use of our wide range of core competencies. Call us or drop us an e-mail to arrange an appointment in Warkworth or Snells Beach (women only).

Massage Therapies

Your treatment is as individual as you are. Now available! We put you at ease!

Natural and holistic healing treatments. We design the right combination of body, mind and soul tools to recover and reach the next sustainable health level.

We give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become an active participant in your own care and achieve your goals.

It’s our mission to boost your health and enhance your well-being. Providing our patients with premium treatments and help them to achieve their physical and mental performance goals.


Health Heroes NZ is Specialized in the Following Expert Services

Get your health boost with Health Heroes NZ Warkworth – Snells Beach

  • Therapeutic Massage

    Highly effective massages techniques that are based on osteopathic and holistic principles

  • Craniosacral Therapy

    Removes restrictions within head and pelvis, effectively helps against stress and anxiety

  • Reiki Master Treatment

    Natural, tailor-made healthcare to support the body's self-healing ability and promote recovery

  • After Accident Care

    After an accident you may need some specialized treatment to recover from your injuries.

  • Fusion Health

    The best of all worlds and ultimate suitable solution! 100% individually mix of all our healing methods for you

  • Stress-Management

    Combat stress - cause of many diseases and prevent burnout-syndromes and anxiety.

  • Weight-Loss

    We don't believe in following the hottest fads or trends. We customize healthy habits specifically to your body and you.

  • Gut Health

    Your gut health is the foundation of your health and wellbeing. Everything starts in the gut!

  • Reduce Body Inflammation

    Focused on nutritional concepts to combat chronic inflammation in the body.

  • Calm Down Anxiety

    Researchers have identified a link between the gut and the brain. Stomach problems are common symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Call us or drop us an e-mail to arrange an appointment. You are welcome for a treatment in Warkworth or Snells Beach (women only).

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